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Weekend Roundup 20080224

Posted by @teeheehee on February 24th, 2008

Another weekend roundup. Just a couple of things.

Boston Herald had a writeup about the future bike lane on Comm Ave. Many usual comments followed.

Here’s a how-to on building your own bike trailer, found via Make.

Backpack Bike Trailer

Another Make post points to a treasure trove of old Modern Mechanix articles. Here are a few highlights:

Gyroscopic wheel

Will Gyroscopic Wheel Shatter Speed Records?

(It’s not pedal-powered, but still… look at that thing!)


Muscles and outdated engines

War Calls Out Muscles and Outdated Engines

This next one is a departure from the picture-heavy. I am not a follower of [insert sport name here], including professional bicycle racing. The name Richard Fries doesn’t ring a bell for me. He was a racer who later became a journalist. Here is a nice article about him.

He sees a crisis in America, where obesity is rampant and an addiction to petroleum is out of hand because people drive less than a mile to the supermarket.

“You want a workout?” Fries asked. “Walk to Stop & Shop and carry home $60 worth of groceries.”

“At what point do you stop getting in the car for the 30-second drive?” he asks. “The laws of supply and demand have been replaced (sic) by the laws of addiction.”

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