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Weekend Roundup 20080309

Posted by @teeheehee on March 9th, 2008

I missed posting last weekend, so I’ve got more for this weekend!

Windproof shoe toes using inner tubes, from Make.

Windproof shoe toes using inner tubes

Bike Chain Cuffs at Firebox, via Gizmodo. I wonder if they are susceptible to a chain tool attack? An interesting style, and may be a foreshadowing to bicycle thieves who get caught.

Handcuff bicycle lock

Bicycle art with light bulbs, from Make.

Light bulb project

Light designs like a smiley face or other do-it-yourself persistence of vision (POV) images on wheels (like an animated PacMan,) from Make and more Make. A more chintzy and commercialized version over at HokeySpokes.

Joyrider, happy face wheels PacMan spoke persistence of vision project

This place sells lights that don’t need batteries. They’re not powered like some old bottle dynamo ones, there’s no friction. Plus, here’s a more DIY approach for the tinker-hearty.

No-battery lights, fitting

Lastly, for those of you who wear high heels don’t forget to dress appropriately when making your way down Massachusetts Avenue. This shade of green does not go with the worn blue look, though thank you for riding and representing the Green Streets Initiative! Seen on Boston.com.

Green heels bicycling

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