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Weekend Roundup 20080720

Posted by @teeheehee on July 20th, 2008

Quite a bit to catch up on….

A story about a new initiative in Portland, ME offering free bike sharing called White Bike. After reading about this I went up there to try the system out, I’ll have a write-up about that separately.

Digg.com pointed me to an article at EcoWorldly briefly talking about Bicycle modification and Bicycling in general in Peru. The author says he has bicycled in Boston, which gives him an angle to safety issues of bicycling in a city, and his views on that in parts of Peru.

Make sent me to a page about a bicycle modified to blow bubbles with seeds in them while being pedaled.

Lifehacker brings up some GloGloves, gloves that have decent reflective tape designs. The article also points out that you can get some of your own tape for self-modification if you’re not into shelling out the $18 for the GloGloves.

Make with another item about Rock the Bike’s live music performances on the back of a bike.

The last links are also from Make, about a Metrocard-covered bike over at BikeHacks.

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