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Bike sharing program: Boston

Posted by @teeheehee on March 3rd, 2009

It may come as soon as 2010… up right now on Boston.com is the article “Boston takes first step on bike sharing program

In my opinion there’s still plenty to do before this can become a viable reality.

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  1. explodedhub Says:

    thanks for the link. agreed about there being ‘plenty to do’ before this can go well. Everyday commuters get acclimated, but can you imagine tourists and newbies trying to bike these streets as they are? tourists tend to use this more than residents in the existing programs, but maybe it’ll be different here where not many people have a bike at all.

    “Successful bike sharing programs in Europe have not only established biking as a significant means of transportation; they have transformed the entire culture and mindset around transportation.” I’m actually a bit embarrassed for the Mayor to have said that. it shows a really bad understanding of history and just a lack of understanding of how cause-and-effect works. bike sharing programs have been around for maybe 5 years in some Euro cities, trust me bikes have been a major part of city life in A’dam, C’hagen, and Paris for much longer than that.

  2. explodedhub Says:

    on second thought: it’s a great idea and i’d like to see it implemented immediately. anything that gets more people on bikes and into the streets is good. it will force people to drive differently, and force the city to stay aware of what riding conditions are like.

  3. teeheehee Says:

    I wonder if each station could be outfitted with maps of Boston that have bike-friendly routes and bike-share stations highlighted. Particularly if tourists come in to town and use the bikes to get around, navigating our streets can get quite confusing.

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