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Weekend Roundup 20090322: Stories

Posted by @teeheehee on March 22nd, 2009

This will wrap up my overloaded three-part weekend roundup: stories.

Will the next wave of bike commuters be Real Geeks? A pair of geeks are taking a cross-country ride to raise awareness. The logo, yeah I think it may need some work… that ‘g’ looks like it is doing awful things to that guy….
Via Treehugger.

Here’s an interview with Freeman Transport, manufacturers that know the importance of hand-craftsmanship being felt in a product.
Freeman Transport

Via Makezine.

For those that convert junk to something with a bit of mobility: Junk Pedalers and Cargo Bikes.
Cargo bike

Via Makezine.

Finally, a BBC radio story on Vélib, the bicycle sharing program in Paris.
Velib bike

Via Makezine.

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