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Boston Stolen Bike Report Service, Tied To Boston Police and Others

Posted by @teeheehee on July 15th, 2009

Just wanted to spread the word about something I just saw on the Boston PD twitter page.

Stolen Bikes Boston is a City of Boston service for registering your bike with the city and reporting if your bike has been stolen. These reports get sent to the Boston Police, local bike shops, hospital and school security, and anyone generally following the new Twitter account or Facebook account. There is also a way to report if you have seen a bike that has been stolen to help it get back to its rightful owner.

And remember, it’s important to lock your bike up sanely to deter theft. Here are some examples of how not to lock your bike up:

Bike lock failBike lock fail 2Bike lock fail 3

Here are two excellent videos where locking methods are looked at and graded:

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