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Cape Ann

Posted by @teeheehee on September 6th, 2009

Yesterday I deviated from my usual solo rides to join a small group for a tour around Cape Ann.

Plans were drawn up by the fiancée of a friend who I met on a hike last year, and when the idea was broadcast on a group for hiking and biking trips I was compelled. When I first joined the group distribution list I did not think I would be participating in so few activities, but, as things go this became my first time joining one of these group events. The route took us alongside the shore nearly the entire trip, making for a scenic ride on an already gorgeous day.

Most of the route followed markers laid out and used by the AMC: a yellow circle with an bar coming off of it to indicate a direction (straight, turn, multiple quick turns.) We deviated early on from the plans to go by a light house, this added an extra six miles to the plotted 22. As far as rides go I usually would have set a faster pace, but the rate we were going allowed me to absorb a lot more. It truly was a great day for a ride, and a perfect place to be.

Here is a map of the route, there are two pages of line segments so the entire loop won’t display at one time (you’ll have to click to see the larger version of the map, then go to page two in order to see the last legs of the ride.)

View Cape Ann Bike Ride 20090905 in a larger map

Here are my photos, I took a lot of pictures of boats for some reason. If you open the pictures in a new page you should see a little map indicating where each one was taken:

2 Responses to “Cape Ann”

  1. p0lygn Says:

    Also fond of this route, starting from the park in Beverly. For more miles: start from the park in Beverly, follow 127, 127A, return over the drawbridge, then 133 to Essex and back on 22 to make it a round trip.

  2. teeheehee Says:

    Sounds like something I’ll have to try when I’m up there next. Thanks!

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