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Boston Spring Tweed Ride

Posted by @teeheehee on May 31st, 2010

I say, it has been a rather long time since I’ve written. Truly the winter gave me little to work with, and once settled into the habit of laziness it is difficult to find one’s way back into the spirit of writing about things. But, often as this goes, with a little bit of encouragement (100psi) combined at a time with an event worth relating to others: a recipe for a blog post is formed. All that needs to be done now is for the writing to happen.

Today, ladies and gents, was a Tweed Ride. Dapper lads and lasses dressed up in wools and linens, dropped to a low-speed crawl of a pace, and set about to smile and wave at all manner of folk still here in Cambridge and Boston for Memorial Day. The weather was warm and pleasant, and except for a smoky odor which permeated the area (apparently caused in part by forest fires in Quebec) it was a perfect day for a ride.

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We started off at the Christian Herter Park, near me in Allston, and made our way to Harvard Square area. From there we traveled on Massachusetts Ave through Central Square, passed the Cambridge Brands confectionery plant on Main St, passed through Kendall Square to take the Longfellow Bridge, then made our way to the Hatch Shell for a photo-op. After a short break we continued on to Arlington St, then Commonwealth Ave for most of the rest of the way back. We landed at the watering hole Great Scott’s for a pint (or two) before closing the loop with Harvard Ave, pedestrian overpass to Lincoln St, through parts of my neighborhood before reaching Everett St to take us back to the park.

I saw some familiar faces from various cycling circuits about town, got to put names to faces for at least one, met up with a coworker and bumped into another one mid-ride, and had lovely small conversations with a wide variety of well-natured riders who heard about the event. At the end only a sparse few of us were left to enjoy a picnic, which I sadly did not document with any photos. Fortunately, much of the rest I did manage to snap some bits of. Care for a spot of tea, anyone?!

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  1. 100psi Says:

    sorry i missed glasses of pints. welcome back to the fold. and keep writing. allston needs to represent, y’all.

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