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Green, Yellow, Red

Posted by @teeheehee on 25th September 2009

ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX: Er, man, like what’s your name?
MAN: I don’t know. Why, do you think I ought to have one? It seems odd to give a bundle of vague sensory perceptions a name.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Well, this particular bundle of sensory perceptions made some observations this morning:

  1. There are now wind turbines on top of a building on Western Ave next to Soldiers Field Road (parking garage, hotel?) – here. Anyone know more about these?
  2. There is a section of path along Soldiers Field Road that I call the “canopy of trees.” This stretch of the path is my favorite and it’s starting to display autumnal colors. I am preparing myself for a beautiful couple of weeks of crisper morning rides.

Half green and red apple.

Half green and red apple.

As the cold sets in the months-long progression of deciduous life transforms from the green to yellow to red, culminating into the particularly pretty “fall foliage” that is a New England spectacle. I find it amusing that the cycle is repeated in urban transportation: the green to yellow to red of traffic lights, reduced from the months required in nature to the seconds or minutes that our high-speed lifestyles demand. When Autumn hits and the foliage turns red it is as if they implore observers to halt and admire the scenery, and why should it be any different on the streets at a red light? Especially on a bicycle.

This particular bundle of sensory perceptions would like to make some other observations today.
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Weekend Roundup 20080209

Posted by @teeheehee on 9th February 2008

I am sporadic with my posts, and every interesting thing I see won’t warrant its own article from me, so I’m thinking I’ll try and lump things together in smorgasbord fashion.

Here’s what I saw this week that looked interesting.

A picture depicting how we, humans, get ourselves from one place to another all over the world. The most popular vehicle? The bicycle, natch.

An article on the sustainability of cycling and using alternative transportation (buses, trains, carpools.) The article is an excerpt from the book Seven Wonders. I might pick this up some time, once my book queue becomes more manageable. (Which reminds me, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and I’ve read it on at least one adjacent blog; read The Art of Urban Cycling.)

Art of Urban Cycling

Two links from BoingBoing – someone over there likes the bike! An old safety video for kids where everyone who loses is a monkey and dies (blog link.)

Then there’s one on building bike frames from bamboo in Africa. (Direct link.) This was also shared on the Make ‘zine blog over here.

Bamboo Bicycle

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